Data Pricing

Data Pricing

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Data Pricing / Copy Costs


Property Ownership Maps


Aerial Photographs


Property Record Cards

$0.25  per page


$0.15  per page

Computer Printouts

$30.00 + $0.15/page

Computer Labels  (Name & Address)

$30.00 + $0.15/label

12-D-8 Copy on CD




Map (Black/White 8.5 x 11)


$1.50  w/ aerial

Map (Color 8.5 x 11)


$5.00  w/aerial

Map (Black/White 11x17)


$5.00  w/aerial

Map (Color 11x17)


$10.00  w/ aerial


GIS Data


Nassau County Parcel Shape File (price effective 1/1/2006)                                           $200.00


Nassau County MR. SID Images (Flight Date 1/2008)                                                      $200.00


Nassau County Parcel Shape File with ownership data attached                                  $425.00


These files require ArcExplorer, ArcView or ArcGIS programs in order to read them. You can go to the software provider's site at to view the products that they offer. This Property Appraisers Office has no affiliation with ESRI.


(Please note you must place your order and pay in advance for the GIS data.)

Submit your request to:

Nassau County Property Appraiser
Attn: Mapping
96135 Nassau Place, Suite 4
Yulee, FL  32097


Custom Maps are available, please come in to the Mapping Department with your request. Pricing and availability is subject to the request made.