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Contact Field Staff

Your Property Appraiser and Field Staff


Periodically, a field appraiser will visit your property in order to conduct a physical inspection. All field appraisers will have photo I.D. and will ask to speak to the owner or person in charge. Their vehicle will be parked in a non-discreet location and be visible from the front entrance of the home or business. Field inspections for most residential properties are limited to exterior of the property. The field appraiser will measure all buildings and either measure or list all improvements such as patios, pools, fence, docks, etc.

It is important to note that the property owner is not required to allow our field appraisers access to the property. However, the property owner's cooperation is important. The property appraiser is legally mandated to appraise every property within the county, and without access, a value could be made based on an estimate rather than on a fact. Property owners can help us to reach an accurate value by permitting access to our field appraisers. An owner who refuses to allow access to the property may limit or forfeit the right to contest the resulting assessment.

Doug Jordi, C.F.E.

Residential Supervisor



Kim Burnsed, C.F.E.




Tim Williams, C.F.E.




Keith Kirkland, C.F.E.




Kendell Wilkinson, C.F.E.